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Origin and Growth of Prasoothicare

PrasoothiCare as the word says “Care for new mom” is an organization started by Dr. Jacksy Robert who has graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College Kerala and a Postgraduate diploma holder in Nutrition & Dietetics from Symbiosis University Pune.

In Dr. Jacksy's words,

“After my marriage, I settled down in Bangalore. My delivery was in Bangalore in the year 2008. I tried to get a trained lady therapist to take care of myself and my baby during the postnatal period. As a doctor by profession, I knew the need and relevance of post-delivery care which is as important as the antenatal care. I didn't get any professional lady who is trained in postnatal care from Bangalore. Finally, with a lot of effort and taking suggestions from my friends and relatives, I found a lady who claimed to be a good caretaker for mother and baby after delivery. But to my total disappointment, very soon I realized that she didn’t know anything about the massage and bath for the mother and baby and not even about assisting in the breastfeeding which as you may know is a much-needed help especially for the “first-time moms”. Unfortunately, her works limited to washing clothes, preparing food and other household work. This incident made me realize how important it was to have trained people and registered doctors to provide traditional Ayurvedic care during and after pregnancy. This initiated the idea of ‘PRASOOTHICARE’ and all efforts were made to make this possible in a professional way. Ayurveda is the best science which tells elaborately about the postnatal care for mother and baby. Initially, I trained some mothers and started providing the service to the nearby areas as a part of my clinic “Niramaya”

We started PRASOOTHICARE in the year 2013. As a part of the expansion of our services, we started services all over Bangalore. We had one trained lady staff in the beginning and now it has been expanded with more than 50 trained people in Bangalore alone and is capable of taking care up to 100 cases per month. In 2014 we started providing services in Chennai, Kochi, and Trivandrum and later in Hyderabad.

Now PrasoothiCare is a registered Private Limited Company registered under the ministry of corporate affairs.