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Antenatal Care is the care from conception till delivery. It has multifaceted benefits for the mother and the fetus.

Benefits of ayurvedic prenatal care:

- Medicines for the common complications of pregnancy period like

  • Reduces Nausea & vomiting and Heart
  • Controls Back pain, Muscle cramps
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Promotes normal delivery and eases labor pain
  • Improves intelligence, immunity and overall development of the child

- Prenatal massage at your home

  • Prevents body pain, Muscle cramps, Leg pain etc.
  • Reduces stretch marks after delivery.
  • Relaxes muscles and thereby promotes normal delivery
  • Complexion will be improved
  • Improves Blood Circulation, flushes out toxins and cellular wastes through the lymphatic system, helps to reduce swelling in joints
  • Improves nutrients transport
  • Provides better hormone regulation and better sleep