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Mother Care Kit Image

Mother Care Kit


Ayurvedic after delivery medical kit for mothers which include Face pack, Face massage oil, Vethu marunnu (pack of herbs), Mother (body) massage oil, Snanachoornam, Rasnadi choornam, Hair oil, Hair shampoo. This package includes total body care for mother. The massage oil improves the strength of muscles while face massage oil improves the luster of skin. Face packs reduces the pigmentations and blemishes. Hair care is done by the special hair oil and gentle shampoo. Snanachoornam for shower refreshes the mother and helps to regain her vibrancy. Rasnadi choornam prevents any attacks of common cold or neck pain also reduces allergic symptoms. In short mother care medical kit just pull up the endurance and restore the tone of the body.

Price : 2000.00